Personal Training

The Fit Experience has a very unique Personal Training Program. The uniqueness stems from the integration found with each certified trainer, their knowledge base and the close connection they have to our health and wellness facility. Our Personal Trainers are able to provide more to their clients because they have been extensively trained by our in house physicians, physical therapists, and strength and conditioning coaches to look for and manage members with previous or current orthopedic injuries. This knowledge base is a major difference between FitX and other facilities and allows for a seamless transition from rehabilitation into the fitness environment.

Numerous research studies have identified that clients who utilize personal trainers consistently achieve the highest percentage of their desired goals compared to those who self-train. Our FITX training program will expose our training clients to a unique set of exercises consisting of a multidirectional/multifunctional whole-body approach to the client, taking into consideration their physical, mental, emotional and nutritional well-being. Utilizing our FITX trainers will help that client attain maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

Our Personal Trainers cater to their client’s individual goals and create exercise programs tailored to fit their needs. They do this by conducting an in depth orientation and assessment and specifying ways to achieve those goals through educating clients about strength, resistance & cardiovascular exercise, nutrition, stretching and proper posture. We have had outstanding results in weight loss, body sculpting, core strengthening, body building, balance, speed and agility improvement and injury management.

Sports Specific Performance Training

Our trainers have vast knowledge and experience with high level athletes; most have worked as strength coaches at universities or were collegiate athletes themselves. The trainers have extensive experience working with athletes of all levels. Numerous athletes and their respective teams have benefitted from the FITX pre-exercise and Functional Movement Screen (FMS), which is the assessment tool of choice for most collegiate and professional teams. Once performed, a specific series of corrective exercises are prescribed to address individual deficits. The results are demonstrated in both performance enhancement and injury prevention.

Personal Training

Our trainers also specialize in clients and new members who have had no previous fitness experience by giving them a safe environment to work out and train in. All trainers provide fitness assessments to each client to objectively measure progress. This enhances motivation and allows the trainer to know exactly when to advance the exercises while achieving outstanding results and keeping training fun and exciting.

While we have an outstanding class instruction program at the FitX, many of our Personal Trainers also teach group training classes. These classes offer a unique and intimate training experience while still benefitting from member to member interaction and inclusion. Some of the group training classes offered by our Personal Trainers are: Fit60 Kids, an hour of exercise education for our young exercise enthusiasts ages 7-13; EBASS speed and agility training for middle school and high school athletes focusing on improving performance and strength; and TRX group training, a small class using suspension straps to focus on strengthening and stretching every muscle while focusing always on foundational core stability.

Our goal as Personal Trainers at The Fit Experience is to help each client reach their maximum potential in both health and wellness. We do this by continuing to offer more, educate more, train more and of course, exceed your expectations.